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The Company: ZDM is a fast-growing social media agency helping impactful leaders all over the world spread their message faster than ever.
The Role: Executive Assistant - This role works closely with the CEO & COO, as well as the rest of the management team. Their primary responsibilities will be to assist with urgent and/or important projects, manage calendars, and some admin tasks.
Location: You can work from anywhere you want as our entire team is virtual.
Pay: Pay is based on experience and will be discussed if you are a good fit.
Hours: Ideally full-time (40 hours/week), but may start as part-time (20 hours/week).
We are accepting applications for a qualified Executive Assistant to join our growing ZDM team and get paid to impact people all around the world with our proven ZDM Signature Process.
“I’ve been on the team since December 2020 and my favorite part is being a part of a family, learning a lot, and having an environment that doesn’t hold your growth. It doesn’t feel like you’re working because it’s really a loving environment. The team members are all loving, kind, and supportive when you need help. ZDM is the best.”

Graphic Designer
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What Kind Of Qualifications Do You Need?

You are passionate about personal development, social media, and leading people.
You can show proven role experience from previous companies.
You are very strong at communications, organization, discipline, and attention to detail.
You value critical thinking, using this to creatively solve problems and anticipate the needs & preferences of the CEO and COO
You have an incredible work ethic, always putting in your best effort.

This Role Is For You If...

Your actions speak integrity as you’ll be trusted and responsible for holding yourself accountable as you will be working from home and not in an in-person office setting.
You are able to learn and leverage our proven workflow and methodologies, while at the same time bring your own experience.
You’re obsessed with finding the best ways to improve your workflow and collaborate with the team.
You are process-driven, a great problem solver, and can figure things out on your own with minimal direction. In short, you can create your own structured work environment.
You actively read and seek out new learning from books, courses, and events to get better at your role. 
You are well-versed in all facets of EXECUTIVE ASSISTANCE. From Managing Schedules & Emails, Human Resource Tasks, Organizational Tasks, etc… and you can help other team members in these areas. 
You have a growth mindset. Our superpower at ZDM is focusing on growing and improving our quality, workflow, and innovations throughout the company. So you have to be strong at coming up with ideas and solutions.  
You are a standard-setter and will challenge your team members to rise to achieve their highest potential.
You implement. And do so with minimal direction, doing a lot of your own research to find the best way to solve the problem at hand.
You’re committed to the path of personal development, working smart, and collaborating with the team.
“I’ve been with ZDM since January 2020 and my favorite part of being on the team is how the line of work that we do helps you with your personal life and how we show up as a team. My overall experience with the team has been very amazing. I’ve always felt heard. My thoughts, opinions, and ideas matter. And what makes ZDM very different among the companies I’ve worked with is that it’s never felt like an employee and employer relationship.”

Content Analyst

Some of the Specific Role Functions

executive assistant

Collaborating with the CEO & COO on Important/ Urgent Projects.
Supporting the CEO & COO daily as tasks arise.
General Human Resources & Hiring Tasks
General Administrative Tasks

General Responsibilities

Attend daily & monthly meetings to collaborate with other team members and solve challenges.
Periodically deliver training to other members of your team & department on your area of expertise to ensure the entire team is improving together.
Live out the ZDM core values and take ownership of helping clients, the team, and the company succeed.

Team & Company Improvements

Provide ideas, insights, and thoughts on how to make the ZDM methodologies and workflow even better.
Bring back insights from content writing or team collaboration on gaps or improvements that we can make.
Utilize time that is not spent writing to help improve the workflow and team collaboration process.
“I’ve been working with the team since January 2021 and my favorite part of being with ZDM is the support and cooperation everyone provides. And I can say that I have learned a lot more from working with them for more than a month than I did working for the other companies I have been with for one, two, or three years. If you’re looking for the next opportunity that you want to grab, I hope you join our ZDM team.”

Content Writer

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We are looking to hire a long-term team member to grow with us as our company scales, so apply now as we believe in taking fast action and will give preference to those who take ownership of showing us why they should join our world-class team.

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