Our Strategy

The 4 Phase step by step personal branding strategy that guides you from zero to hero.

Our Strategy

Our 4 Phase personal branding strategy takes you from "unknown" to #1 Authority in your niche.

Our Strategy

The 4 Phase step by step personal branding strategy that guides you from zero to hero.

Phase 1: The Foundation

Phase 1:
The Foundation

The Foundation is where we help you get bulletproof clarity on your personal branding journey.

Phase 1 helps you become the #1 Authority in your niche by:

- Clarifying What Makes You One-Of-A-Kind
- Characterizing Your Audience Avatars
- Creating Product Offerings
- Developing A 360° Strategy

The ROI during this phase is bulletproof clarity, organization, and confidence about every decision you and others make on your personal brand throughout the entire 4 Phase Roadmap!

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Phase 2:
The Development

The Development is where we build the backend systems for your personal brand.

Phase 2 helps you become the #1 Authority in your niche by developing your:

- Products
- Website & Funnels
- Email & SMS Sequences
- Automations & Integrations

The ROI on this phase is a systemized business in a box that you know will convert your audience into leads and those leads into dollars!

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Phase 2: The Development
Phase 3: The Machine

Phase 3:
The Machine

The Machine is where we "pour the gas" on your personal brand through various marketing channels.

Phase 3 helps you become the #1 Authority in your niche by launching, optimizing, and growing your:

- Social Media
- Podcast
- Paid Advertising

This phase is when you start seeing a monetary ROI for your personal brand!

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Phase 4:
The Ascension

The Ascension is where we increase the traffic to your personal brand and triple down on what's working in Phase 3.

Phase 4 help you become the #1 Authority in your niche by:

- Establishing Omnipresence
- Releasing Publicity Articles
- Becoming A Best Selling Author
- Speaking On Podcasts & Stages

The ROI of this phase beyond the additional income is the legacy and impact you will be forever remembered for.

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Phase 4: The Ascension

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See what some of our clients are saying about us...

I've been working with Zero Degrees Media since 2020 and I literally couldn't impact the millions of people the way that I do without them! And they knocked my 'The Power of One More' book design and marketing assets out of the park!

Ed Mylett

Entrepreneur & Best Selling Author

Zero Degrees Media helped me generate over $200k in LESS THAN 120 DAYS! They really pulled out all the stops and now I've got proper branding, clearly defined audiences, offers, systems, and a badass strategy! You name it, they've got it! ZDM's a totally different animal!

Eric Cline

Wholesaler & Sales Coach

Zero Degrees Media has helped me tremendously and taught me a lot in the past year on the topic of personal branding. They did a really deep analysis of who I am as a person and how they can leverage that to reach my target audience.

Josh Kosnick


The Zero Degrees Media team is stellar. I've been working with them the last 2 years and will continue for many more years to come!

Jesse Jacobs

I hired Zero Degrees Media for their Phase 1: The Foundation offer and the amount of detail and deep dive they did is insane. I've hired fortune 500 companies that didn't come close to what they did. They over-delivered on all fronts.

Brandon Brittingham

Real Estate Investor

Super job on our social media! These posts have BY FAR the most engagement any organic post has ever had! The engagement is great but we also love the uber-simple design and the fact that it’s practical and informative!

Steven Kotler

7 Time Best Selling Author

Dustin Winchell and his team at Zero Degrees Media provide the best service I've ever had. Ever. Period.

Carlos Reyes


I've spent hundreds of thousands on business and personal development... the content and deliverables ZDM provided were top notch! If you are looking to make an impact or to elevate your personal brand then definitely reach out to them!

Alex Lopez

Real Estate Investor

The Phase 1 workshop was amazing and totally worth the investment! They gave away the gold and those of us there benefited tremendously!

Brayand Ponciano

Investor & Mindset Coach

Their personal branding workshop was outstanding. I highly recommend them and their strategies.

JW Robinson

Ranch Broker

I’ve been working with Zero Degrees Media since 2018 and their process, quality, and speed has continued to improve year over year.

Peter Voogd


Zero Degrees Media is insane! I hired them to take my music from just an audio to a full visual animation. So fire!


Artist & Entrepreneur

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