Phase 4: The Ascension

The Ascension Phase is where we help you increase the traffic to your brand which consists of getting you on bigger podcasts, stages, TV, and publications to reach more people.

Phase 4:
The Ascension

The Ascension Phase is where we increase traffic for our clients which consists of getting them on bigger podcasts, stages, TV, and publications to reach more people.

Phase 4: The Ascension

The Ascension Phase is where you increase the traffic to your brand which consists of you getting on bigger podcasts, stages, TV, and publications to reach more people.

The Ascension Phase is where you increase the traffic to your brand which consists of you getting on bigger podcasts, stages, TV, and publications to reach more people.

“The clip with Kevin from the podcast was the best I’ve ever seen anywhere. The way they fixed it with the music and the words on the screen was incredible. It made me emotional and teary eyed as I watched it. They are doing an amazing job and I’m very proud of them. It’s really good.”

Ed Mylett

The Ascension

The final and most rewarding phase of your Personal Branding journey begins here. During Phase 4 you will see an increase in eyes, awareness, reach, impact, and revenue. This Phase, The Ascension, is equivalent to you climbing to the top. But this doesn't mean that you've "arrived" - there's still work to be done!

Phase 4 is all about doubling down on what's working for your personal brand. By now you should have your audience and positioning in your niche figured out, which means you're ready to achieve all you planned for in your Personal Brand Blueprint. The objective here is to cross everything off the list from your Brand Vision as you further develop a consistent and relatable connection with your audience as your brand evolves to greater heights. And once you truly do reach the top, you can focus on amplifying your impact and leave a lasting legacy with your brand.

What's Included:



Achieve omnipresence in your industry as you strategically position your personal brand across various platforms and channels. By being consistently visible, your audience will perceive you as the go-to authority figure, solidifying their trust in your expertise. From social media to industry-specific forums, ensure you leave no stone unturned on your mission for a powerful and widespread presence.

Press Releases

Make headlines and captivate your audience with professionally crafted press releases. Highlight your brand's latest achievements, innovations, and contributions by getting your message in front of the right media outlets and influencers. Through strategic distribution, you'll maximize your reach and generate buzz around your brand.

Press Releases


Become an esteemed author in your field and leverage the unparalleled authority that comes with it. Don't try to do it all yourself. Utilize publishing assistance to guide you from concept to creation, culminating in a compelling book and launch that showcases your brand story, knowledge, and distinct voice. Add another product to your Offer Suite and leave a lasting impact on your audience with a tangible piece of your expertise.


Take center stage and captivate your audience in person through carefully curated events. Whether it's workshops, masterminds, seminars, or speaking engagements, you will secure opportunities to share your insights and connect with your audience on a deeper level. By creating memorable experiences, you'll solidify your brand's legacy and forge invaluable connections with your supporters.



Leverage the power of TV appearances and media prominence to elevate your brand's visibility. Whether it's your own TV show, a newscast, documentary, or interview, this is a unique way to get in front of a new audience without paid ads. With this, you'll truly position yourself as THE authority in your niche.


By now you should understand how vital each element of Phase 4 is to increase the overall traffic to your personal brand. With more traffic comes more revenue, and most importantly MORE IMPACT! If you are interested in working with us, book your discovery call by clicking the link below and we will point you in the right direction!


Core Benefits

What will you get in this phase?

Industry Authority

You'll get to establish yourself as the #1 authority in your niche through creating omnipresence, speaking on bigger and bigger podcasts and stages, and releasing a best-selling book. You've put in the work and now you reap the rewards.

Maximum Credibility

You'll get maximum credibility through your personal brand now that you are establishing yourself at the #1 authority in your niche. When your niche comes up in conversation, you're the first person everyone thinks about and talks about because you're front of mind.

Massive Impact

You'll get massive impact by becoming the go-to expert that people automatically associate with your niche, enhancing both your visibility and trustworthiness, while also building a lasting family legacy.

World-Class Network

You'll establish a world-class network that not only elevates your personal brand but sets the stage for new partnerships and collaborations that can further solidify your position as the #1 authority in your niche.

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I've been working with Zero Degrees Media since 2020 and I literally couldn't impact the millions of people the way that I do without them! And they knocked my 'The Power of One More' book design and marketing assets out of the park!

Ed Mylett

Entrepreneur & Best Selling Author

Zero Degrees Media helped me generate over $200k in LESS THAN 120 DAYS! They really pulled out all the stops and now I've got proper branding, clearly defined audiences, offers, systems, and a badass strategy! You name it, they've got it! ZDM's a totally different animal!

Eric Cline

Wholesaler & Sales Coach

Zero Degrees Media has helped me tremendously and taught me a lot in the past year on the topic of personal branding. They did a really deep analysis of who I am as a person and how they can leverage that to reach my target audience.

Josh Kosnick


The Zero Degrees Media team is stellar. I've been working with them the last 2 years and will continue for many more years to come!

Jesse Jacobs

I hired Zero Degrees Media for their Phase 1: The Foundation offer and the amount of detail and deep dive they did is insane. I've hired fortune 500 companies that didn't come close to what they did. They over-delivered on all fronts.

Brandon Brittingham

Real Estate Investor

Super job on our social media! These posts have BY FAR the most engagement any organic post has ever had! The engagement is great but we also love the uber-simple design and the fact that it’s practical and informative!

Steven Kotler

7 Time Best Selling Author

Dustin Winchell and his team at Zero Degrees Media provide the best service I've ever had. Ever. Period.

Carlos Reyes


I've spent hundreds of thousands on business and personal development... the content and deliverables ZDM provided were top notch! If you are looking to make an impact or to elevate your personal brand then definitely reach out to them!

Alex Lopez

Real Estate Investor

The Phase 1 workshop was amazing and totally worth the investment! They gave away the gold and those of us there benefited tremendously!

Brayand Ponciano

Investor & Mindset Coach

Their personal branding workshop was outstanding. I highly recommend them and their strategies.

JW Robinson

Ranch Broker

I’ve been working with Zero Degrees Media since 2018 and their process, quality, and speed has continued to improve year over year.

Peter Voogd


Zero Degrees Media is insane! I hired them to take my music from just an audio to a full visual animation. So fire!


Artist & Entrepreneur

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