Phase 3: The Machine

The Machine Phase is where we help you build, launch, and scale your social media, podcast, and paid advertising channels.

Phase 3: The Machine

The Machine Phase is where we manage all of your accounts such as your social media, podcast, and paid advertising.

Phase 3: The Machine

The Machine Phase is where you build, launch, and scale your social media, podcast, and paid advertising channels.

The Machine Phase is where you build, launch, and scale your social media, podcast, and paid advertising channels.

“Dustin Winchell's work, his media team is the best service that I've ever had, ever! Period.”                                          

Carlos Reyes

The Machine

This is it, it's time to Launch Your Machine! Armed with your Brand Blueprint and marketing tools, you're ready to go live with your brand! Phase 3 is all about your Personal Brand Management. Put yourself in front of your audience, share your irresistible offers, and provide massive value! Make sure you're tracking your output & results along the way to make sure you're getting ROIs.

Our goals in Phase 3 is to figure out what gets your brand moving like a machine! Is it social media marketing, Google ads, a discord group? Maybe all of the above? This is the mission for Phase 3 using our Content Development Cycle & other Strategies provided in your Brand Blueprint: test, optimize, test, optimize.

What's Included:

Social Management

Social Management

Social media management is a key component to your marketing efforts. Use your Brand Blueprint from Phase 1 to execute on your custom Social Media Strategy. Show up for your audience on the platforms that they're at, provide value. share engaging content, and cultivate a thriving online community.

Podcast Management

Whether you're just getting started in podcasting or have been doing it for years, hosting a podcast is an undeniably easy way to share your story, insights, and values with your community while positioning yourself as an authority in your niche. Creating your own platform and community provides that much more opportunity to build Know, Like, Trust with your audience.

Podcast Management
Paid Ads Management

Paid Ads Management

Amplify your brand's reach and maximize conversions with Paid Ads Management. When you create and optimize targeted ad campaigns across various platforms, you can ensure optimal ROI and skyrocketing growth. Put yourself in front of anew audience, re-target people that have seen you before, and so much more. It doesn't always have to be a "pay to play" game, but it can help get you results that much faster.

Weekly Strategy Calls

Stay at the forefront of your brand's trajectory with Weekly Strategy Calls. Your experienced strategists and Brand Manager will provide personalized guidance, insights, and recommendations to keep your business on the cutting edge of innovation. Keep a constant pulse on your brand's progress and a roadmap for continued growth.

Weekly Strategy Calls
Metric & KPI Reporting

Metric & KPI Reporting

Tracking metrics is how you can measure success for your personal brand. Your personal brand is a business and when you better understand how it's performing, you know which levers to pull and when. Use Metric & KPI Reporting to make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategies for significant results.


The world doesn't stop moving forward, and neither should you. Continuously enhance your marketing efforts with a relentless focus on optimization. Monitor, analyze, and fine-tune your campaigns, social media presence, and digital assets to ensure peak performance. Optimizing your machine in Phase 3 allows you to skyrocket your growth in Phase 4.



By now you should understand how important each element of Phase 3 is in order to market your personal brand to your target audience. we truly believe you and your brand evolve over time so these elements should evolve as you do. If you are interested in working with us, book your discovery call by clicking the link below and we will point you in the right direction!

Core Benefits

What will you get from this phase?

Brand Awareness

You'll get the awareness your personal brand deserves from launching your social media, podcast, and paid ads to the public with your new strategy now that you have Phase 1 and Phase 2 dialed in.


You'll get to finally establish credibility through your personal brand now that your social media, podcast, and paid ads are consistency active. When your name comes up in conversation and people look you up, all of your channels are optimized to increase your credibility.


You'll get to officially monetize your personal brand between both organic and paid channels. From your low-ticket, mid-ticket, and high-ticket offers, you'll be setup to bring money in from all angles.


You'll get increased opportunities to connect with higher profile people, business opportunities, and more now that your personal brand has established brand awareness, credibility, and consistency.

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I've been working with Zero Degrees Media since 2020 and I literally couldn't impact the millions of people the way that I do without them! And they knocked my 'The Power of One More' book design and marketing assets out of the park!

Ed Mylett

Entrepreneur & Best Selling Author

Zero Degrees Media helped me generate over $200k in LESS THAN 120 DAYS! They really pulled out all the stops and now I've got proper branding, clearly defined audiences, offers, systems, and a badass strategy! You name it, they've got it! ZDM's a totally different animal!

Eric Cline

Wholesaler & Sales Coach

Zero Degrees Media has helped me tremendously and taught me a lot in the past year on the topic of personal branding. They did a really deep analysis of who I am as a person and how they can leverage that to reach my target audience.

Josh Kosnick


The Zero Degrees Media team is stellar. I've been working with them the last 2 years and will continue for many more years to come!

Jesse Jacobs

I hired Zero Degrees Media for their Phase 1: The Foundation offer and the amount of detail and deep dive they did is insane. I've hired fortune 500 companies that didn't come close to what they did. They over-delivered on all fronts.

Brandon Brittingham

Real Estate Investor

Super job on our social media! These posts have BY FAR the most engagement any organic post has ever had! The engagement is great but we also love the uber-simple design and the fact that it’s practical and informative!

Steven Kotler

7 Time Best Selling Author

Dustin Winchell and his team at Zero Degrees Media provide the best service I've ever had. Ever. Period.

Carlos Reyes


I've spent hundreds of thousands on business and personal development... the content and deliverables ZDM provided were top notch! If you are looking to make an impact or to elevate your personal brand then definitely reach out to them!

Alex Lopez

Real Estate Investor

The Phase 1 workshop was amazing and totally worth the investment! They gave away the gold and those of us there benefited tremendously!

Brayand Ponciano

Investor & Mindset Coach

Their personal branding workshop was outstanding. I highly recommend them and their strategies.

JW Robinson

Ranch Broker

I’ve been working with Zero Degrees Media since 2018 and their process, quality, and speed has continued to improve year over year.

Peter Voogd


Zero Degrees Media is insane! I hired them to take my music from just an audio to a full visual animation. So fire!


Artist & Entrepreneur

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